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we raise & love miniature, toy and teacup Schnauzers.

We are in Jacksonvile, FL and we have customers worldwide.

No matter where you live, we know what to do.

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About Us

we absolutely love what we do

Our History

Worldwide Schnauzers is a small home based breeding program based in Jacksonville, FL. My dogs live with me and my family. We have aquired schnauzers from all over the world, and are excited to be able to share with you, what we feel is the ultimate schnauzer.

it’s not just a business

The most important part for us is finding loving homes for our healthy pups. We love to hear back from our customers and get plenty of photos and stories. Some of our dogs are enjoying the fresh air of Switzerland while others are getting plenty of sun in southern France. Some stayed in our hometown and most have travelled all over the US. Either way, we love hearing back from you.
Our dogs live a happy and non-stressful life. They spend most of their days outside playing in a large yard equipped especially for them. They breathe fresh air, they interact with my family and they don't spend the day cloistered in a small cage like they do in large breeding puppy mills. The result is physically and mentally healthy dogs that are socialized and happy to be around.
We know that if you don't live right here in Florida it might be complicated for you to come get your pup. Talk to us and we'll help facilitate everything. We'll help you find out the best toy schnauzer puppies for sale, teacup schnauzer puppies for sale. miniature schnauzers for sale and many more.

Email us or (904) 574-2821

our strongest points

  • Healthy parents make healthy puppies.
  • Champion blood lines from all over the world.
  • Our puppies live with my family and learn to socialize with people from birth.
  • As they get a bit older, our puppies are allowed to interact with the adult dogs so they can learn the basic social canine rules. Potty training starts at 5 weeks.
  • We keep clean veterinarian records and follow strict hygiene rules.

Every puppy is different, but we know each of them by heart. Whether you are looking for a specific gender, color, size or temperament, we can help.

Don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll answer all your questions.

We love to know we made you happy.

We thought we'd share this nice drawing from Claudia & Fabien from Switzerland. Happy Worldwide Schnauzer owners.


our current cute & adorable puppies

We use our experience and best judgement, but the size cannot be guaranteed.
Our prices are for pets only and do not include breeding rights.

We have three new litters born the 3rd week of October. They will be ready for adoption right around the holidays. Contact us to meet our puppies and reserve yours in time.

Email us or (904) 574-2821

Our previous puppies

We love hearing from our previous customers.


Our Dogs

We make sure our dogs are well socialized & cared for



Skippy is a mega coated white chocolate male, weighing 15 lbs and is 14 inches tall. He is a true stud muffin with his green eyes, and with all of his kisses and affectionate disposition.



Ricardo is a super coated black male all the way from Spain. He is 13 inches tall and 18 lbs of pure muscle. He is calm, quiet and ready to please. He comes from champion bloodlines. We could not ask for a more loyal guy.



Leo is a super coated liver male weighing 7.5 lbs and 10.5 inches tall. He is a full of energy and is super loveable. You will always see him with a toy hanging out of his mouth.



Kattniss is a mega coated liver parti female, weighing 10.5 lbs and is 10 inches tall. This little girl is a gem! She is always happy and oh so loving!!!



CoCo is a super coated white female from France, weighing 12 lbs and is 12.5 inches tall. She is solid and stunning. She is a puppy at heart and has the sweetest disposition ever. Comes from Champion bloodlines.



Paris is a mega coated black and white parti female, weighing 10.5 lbs and 11 inches tall. She is my most athletic and she amazes me everyday with her agility. She is eager to please and loves to cuddle.



Lily is a super coated black female from France. She weighs 15 lbs and is 12.5 inches tall. She can stand longer on her two feet than you or I. She is always happy and talking away. Comes from Champion bloodlines.



Ella is a mega coated dark chocolate female. She weighs 10 lbs and is 11 inches tall. This little girl has enough fur for 3 dogs. Such a happy and playful girl.

Our Retiring Dogs

From time to time, we sell one of our adults.

Email us or (904) 574-2821


We also offer a wide range of services

Schnauzer Grooming

We groom our own dogs. Ask about how we can help your dog stay beautiful.

Inquire about Delivery

You can't come to Jacksonville? We can make arrangements to deliver. Inquire with us and we'll figure it out. We want to do what's best for our puppies.

Boarding for your puppy

If you can't come get your puppy right away once he/she is available, we will host until you are ready. We charge $15 per day after the first week past the availability date.

Lifetime member

Once a Worldwide Schnauzers, always a Worldwide Schnauzers. If you changed your mind about owning a dog, let us know. Worldwide Schnauzers dogs always have a home here with us.